Once upon a time there was a tall, cylindrical glass vase filled with faux tulips and mums that served as a colorful centerpiece to the dining table of a house occupied by a young couple. At times the vase also lend itself as a structure against which one could rest one’s phone, thus entertaining the occupants of surrounding chairs.

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All is bright and well until one fine day the wife notices that the vase has been moved a good ten inches to one side of the table. Someone had willfully adjusted it to make their meal time more enjoyable than before. Shaking her head, she placed it back at the exact center of the table where it rightfully belonged.

Much to her amazement, it happened again the next day and the next. Fifth time around she brought it up with the only other resident in the house – her husband. Guilty as charged. Although the husband totally failed to see the issue.

Seeing that the numerous warnings did nothing to the misplaced vase, the wife decided it did not belong there if it cannot serve as a centerpiece as it was destined to be. So she gave the vase a new home in another room where it could pursue its life’s calling. And then she waited.

It was a whole two days before the husband even noticed that his make-believe phone stand was no longer where he liked it to be. Not even in the near vicinity. What followed was a whole two-minute drama where the two parties loudly but clearly voiced their opinions in the matter.

The wife’s argument that the dining area was the “face of the home” being the first room one enters from the front door and hence has to be perfectly presentable at all times fell on deaf ears. So was the husband’s rhetorical question about the world ending if the vase in question was to spend the rest of its life perched at the end of the table. Sensing a hung jury, the two went about their business.

Days passed. The vase has not budged an inch from the center since.

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