As monotonous as life has become, there are few lifestyle changes we can adopt to bring out the adult in us, however young at heart we may be(or convince ourselves to be). While I cannot help applaud those who have already mastered the mundane, rest of you folks climb aboard the train and start your journey to a slightly better version of yourself. Bear in mind that I am no lifestyle guru to be giving advice. Rather I am merely stating few changes in my routine I have tried which worked for me.

Make the bed – How much ever hard my mom tried to instill this habit in me growing up, it never stuck until very recently I picked it out of some youtube channels and thought of giving it a try. I was pleasantly surprised at how such a trivial chore as this gives me an ounce of satisfaction and achievement early in the morning. It also helps to start the day on a note where everything is prim and proper. And after a long day, the appeal of a made up bed is something truly different.

Clean kitchen – Agreed, this is not as easy as the first. Doing the dishes is a sensitive topic in many households and not without reason. But just give it a try. Make sure the dishes are washed and counters are wiped down. The feeling of a clean kitchen welcoming you in the morning sets a good mindset while you kickstart the day. For households with a dishwasher, the task sounds super easy. But believe me, this is a chore that does not get easier. The question of who does the dishes turns to who loads and unloads the dishwasher. So make an effort. Get all hands on deck and get it done. And make it stick. Side note – dish wands have made this task a lot better for me, as I cringe at the thought of contact with a wet sponge.

Healthy snacking – Who else comes home after work super cranky and blinded by hunger? Ready to feast on any snack available? And if out of snacks, you turn into the comfort of fast foods or ordering in, too tired to cook? That’s the story of our household. While there’s still a lot of room for improvement in this area, I recently tried out the heavenly combination of apple with peanut butter. Yum-mmmmm-my! And may I say, healthy! And filling. A bit of internet research fetched quite many similar options. Celery or carrots with hummus is next on my list.

Again, like all good things in life, it’s not easy turning these into habits. Perseverance is the key. We have to truly make an effort and stick to it for a while if we really want to develop it into a habit. But at the end, it sure feels good to accomplish such simple things in life. A small world where at least a few parts of our day to day life is organized, tidy and healthy.

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